KMC Global Controls & Automation is a technology-based company that provides control panels, automation and integration with remote and onsite support capability. We are committed to thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers and providing the right automation and controls solution that is fully customized and delivers the absolute best value.

We are a privately held company with a history that spans 65 years. We operate in a collaborative, hands-on work environment. We understand that the decisions we make today can have an impact on our company and our customers tomorrow. Everyone from the CEO to the shipping manager works together with the goal of providing the best equipment and service to our automation and controls customers.

Our company is part of KMC Global, a group of companies brought together to leverage our similarities and unique differences. Our sister companies, along with our own division, offer room for growth and development of our position and location.

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The KMC Global group of companies follows stringent excellence guidelines. These guidelines reach into every aspect of our business, including the quality of our products and services, our professionalism, our attention to detail and so much more. We are extremely proud of our guiding principles, which were put together by a group of KMC Global employees to embody the spirit of us all. Please take a moment to read through them.


To be a sustainable company that makes a difference in people’s lives by being profitable through ethical business practices.


KMC Global will be an excellent company where our customers brag about doing business with us and we are proud to have our family and friends work here.


KMC Global will provide our customers with superior solutions to their controls and automation needs by having excellent application knowledge, equipment, customer service and support.


“We sleep well at night.” By that we mean we do the right thing to the best of our ability.
We treat our customers, representatives, employees, and suppliers fairly and honestly, always maintaining the highest level of integrity.

We strive to provide our customers with excellent equipment and a relationship that meets or exceeds their expectations.

We promise to provide our employees a safe and pleasant working environment free of harassment and discrimination, with competitive wages and benefits, and opportunities for training and personal growth. We encourage employee involvement in outside activities that benefit family and community.